A Series of Choices ~ Coffee with the Angels 01.06.19

Watch the video…there is far more information in the video than what’s written down

The Question:

Good Morning! What will you share today about moving forward and re-creating Sacred Self experientially?

The Angels Say:

You put that very well, re-creating Sacred Self experientially. That is the whole point, you know, to re-create yourself and your experiences. Learning about yet not experiencing self isn’t growth or evolution, it is just a mere idea, a theory yet to be tested. Choose the next highest version of yourself and go experience that. Making new choices, complete with action and follow through is a great way to experience self.

Remember, every day, every moment is full of choices. To quote your friend “Life is a series of choices”, she is spot on. Everything is a choice. You choose, somewhere within, to wake up in the morning. You choose to get out of bed. You choose to go to the toilet – yes in service of physical function – it’s a choice of where nonetheless. You choose slippers, shoes, socks or bare feet. You choose to get dressed and what to wear. So many of your choices have gone to autopilot that you forgot they are choices. There are choices even when there appear to be none.

In re-creating yourself anew, remember choice. Choose and choose again. Each choice is an expression of who you are. When you bring yourself into awareness of your choices, you get to be conscious of this. Leave behind the old programmes as often as you can and choose your own programmes that you would like to express, that help you speak your soul.

This is a way to re-create yourself such that your Sacred Self is expressed and experienced in everyday life. It’s your journey, your choices, and you reap the results. Remember to recognize your choices, and choose and choose again toward what feels right and good. Allow yourself the joy of the journey and Sacred Self experienced.

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