Coffee with the Angels  01.23.18

A Whole New Way of Being

The Angels Say:

The human brain does have a role in spirituality.  It governs human perspective.  It is malleable and can change, as many of you experience as your perspective changes.  Spiritual energy can change the brain quite easily.  The challenge then is accepting a new way of being.

For a human who has known little more than stress all their life has a brain well trained and programmed to and for stress.  They may not know how to live any other way.  Making the brain changes, even with highly vibrating spiritual energies may not take the person from highly stressed to non-stressed.  There will be change, but only to the degree the person can receive.  To truly shift from a highly charged, stressed way of being into calm, thoughtful and non-reactive can take time.  The brain itself needs time to learn the benefits of this change and gain a level of its own motivation.  The brain needs time to learn a new way of being.

Both conscious and subconscious changes and support are helpful.  One without the other makes the journey much more difficult.  Beginning to make (or furthering) subconscious changes makes it much easier for the conscious mind.  Self-Awareness is also highly important:  knowing your feelings, thoughts, responses and being able to see them objectively.  No justifying, blaming or denying.  Simply observing with a heart of truth.  Yet the brain can interfere even with this.  A better goal may be to recognize justifying, blame, denial and any others that take you away from truth.  This is the conscious work.  Doing your best – honestly – is enough.  Be gentle with yourself and be persistent. Both the conscious and subconscious changes may need repeated to help train the brain.  The more you can consciously practice, the less the subconscious changes will need repeated.  Subconscious and energetic brain balancing regularly is helpful until the new way of being is achieved.

Learning a new way of being is, or can be, an ongoing journey of processes.  Allow yourself time and space to become what it is you seek to be.  Make adjustments as needed.  This is energy, you are not set in stone.  Sometimes it seems as if the brain is set in stone, but it isn’t.  It takes time, gentle care, persistence and conscious practice to re-teach the brain.

Becoming who you are at the soul level requires brain changes so you can fully BE your Sacred Self.  Some of you will need years of ongoing work – for you we recommend learning techniques and doing them for yourself – asking for help when needed.  Some of you have little work to do – for you we recommend doing what feels right.  You can learn techniques if you like, but only spend your time and energy on what truly calls you – and what you will use.

Those of you who have longer journeys to healing:  Take Heart.  This is your life, your well-being, your Sacred Self calling you forward.  One step at a time.  You may learn many techniques and modalities along the way – we assure you – each is valuable and effective for you.  Keep moving forward. 

Becoming fully your sacred self is learning a new way of being.  It may seem like you are living many lives in this incarnation and in a way you are.  You are changing your timelines.  You are accomplishing more in this life than ever before.  You need not wait for the collective to change your timelines.  You have the choice, the power already.  It is your journey, no one else’s. 

Enjoy the journey to a new way of being.   

Messages from the angels, shared with me over morning coffee. Sometimes I ask a specific question, often it is as simple as “What are we writing today?”. Frequently, the messages do parallel what I am pondering, curious about, or dealing with for myself.  The text is the message from the angels, and the video contains a bit more.  May you find guidance, answers or some other benefit for your life <3