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Katie Kieffer

Intuitive, Angel Reader, ThetaHealer®, Author

Helping Sacred Selves Live Sacred Lives

Hi!  I’m Katie, just a soul here on Earth finding my way through this time of change and evolution, learning to live from the heart, embody more of my soul, and to live what I call my Sacred Life. I am the author of Coffee with the Angels, a certified ThetaHealer®, and Intuitive & Angel Reader.

My Story

It hasn’t been easy or quick, this awakening within.  Sometimes it seems that this journey is an ever-evolving process of digging out the old wounds, learning what they’ve had to teach then letting them go.  That’s just the beginning.  Then there is the whole deal of feelings.  Yeah, feelings.  It’s what we do in the heart – we feel, we don’t think!  So, I decided it best to get the highest truth and perspective of feelings and align with that.  These are the kinds of experiences best um, experienced.   

My journey of healing and personal evolution really began in 2012 when I took my first class in the ThetaHealing® technique.  I had been seeking for a couple of years to make significant changes in my life and learned that the subconscious mind is central to perception and experience of life and the world.  Beginning this journey was about just being ok myself.  It was about stopping the pain, heartache, frustration, the feeling of never good enough.  Yet, it has gone much further than stopping that which I didn’t want; it gave me the space to get to know what I do want.  Even more, ThetaHealing gave me a tool to figure out what that something’s missing is all about.  So far in my experience, the something missing has been clear understanding of feelings.  For instance, I had no idea what love really felt like, not from Creator’s perspective.  I didn’t know what Creator’s love felt like so I was looking to the outside world – and boy did that suck.  Romance novels, movies, the people around me…none of them even come close to depicting what Creator’s love is really like.  In fact, in hindsight they look – and feel – like gross corruptions of love at worst, and at best a serious misunderstanding.  Even the religious teachings I was familiar with had me hustling for God’s love.  Somewhere within, I knew there was something off about the whole love thing, and that it really is out there, I just needed accurate information.  

It took some digging out old beliefs and programmes, and instilling lots of feelings, including things like:

 “I know what it feels like to be (good) enough”

  “I know what it feels like to be loved by Creator / God / Universe / Source / All That Is”

  “I know how to have joy in every moment”

 (you get the idea)

 to gain clarity of what Unconditional Love is, that it really is available, and allow myself to actually experience it.  Not just from Creator, but to unconditionally love myself.   Similar journeys include joy, faith, confidence, trust, truth, and many more.

It has been a journey, and one that continues.  I still have ups and downs, and sometimes it feels like I’ve been flat-out slapped upside the head.  The difference is that now, I can see the love and support around me, and have tools to move through the lessons and experiences without feeling powerless.  One of the most important “tools” I use is meditative writing – Coffee with the Angels. 

I truly love sharing what I’ve learned with others and assisting them along their own path of personal healing and evolution.  This is the kind of life I believe we are here to live…each and every one of us:

  Doing the work we are Divinely called to do, that which we love, and also supports us in every way.  I believe we are all deserving and worthy of the Unconditional Love, Joy, and Truth of the All That Is – and of ourselves.

My Values & Beliefs

Sacred Space

Any time you’re going on an inner journey, Sacred Space is necessary.  I’ve been blessed with teachers and healers who not only provided Sacred, Safe Space, but showed me how to provide that for others.

Truth & Honesty

Truth and Honesty from Creator’s perspective are quite kind and gentle.  They may be firm, but I have found it is always kind.  I strive to see Truth from Creator’s perspective, and approach myself and others with Honesty, Kindness, and Compassion.

We Are All Worthy

Worthy of the Unconditional Love of the All That Is, and worthy of unconditionally loving ourselves.  I believe this way of loving self – not some egoic love – but true, genuine caring of and for Sacred Self opens the doors to true joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

My Approach

Approaching myself and others through the eyes of Creator is vital to being effective in holding Sacred Space.  I rely on Creator, the Angels, and our Divine Teams to bring forward objective truth and guidance with kindness and love – and they always do.  When we are in objective truth, we can allow lessons that have yet to be fully embodied to rise for embodiment, release energetic patterns that no longer serve, let go of fears, improve perceptions, and more.  All this is done with and through the Unconditional Love of the All That Is – Source Energy – Creator.

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