Coffee with the Angels 01.11.18

Have no fear.  No fear of the duality, the extremes.  When you are in fear of any extreme or side or position you lose power of yourself and the fear takes over and they have you – they “win”.

Stand your ground without fear.  Be kind and generous for there is more common ground than you currently see. 

Being kind and generous in thought with others gives you more freedom yourself.  There is much less risk of being wrong, needing to apologize or putting yourself in a position where forgiveness will be needed.  By being kind and generous, you build connection.  When building connection this way you all learn about one another, your differences and likenesses.  

Take down the wall of fear.  Have conversations that honor all.  To receive you must be willing to give.  Demonstrate what you want to see by being and doing it yourself.  Remember that others may simply have different paths with different destinies, so be generous.

BE what you want to see, to the best of your ability and you will see your ability and support grow.