#coffeewiththeangels 05.03.19 ☕️

🕊💫 Humanity is in the midst of a great shift. Some of you feel like it is all falling apart. We assure you, there is wholeness on the other side. Those of you feeling splintered and fragmented, trust your process. Observe and allow yourself to flow. Bring yourself to heart-center often and feel that which you desire in your heart.
To bring about anything you desire, carry it in your heart. Would you like to see more kindness in the world? Carry the thoughtform “there is a lot of kindness in the world, and I am part of it” in your heart. Would you like to experience more of “enough”? Carry “I am always enough, and always have enough” in your heart. We have said before that your heartspace is the center of your bodies. It is the source of the signal you send out to the Universe.

I am beginning to understand this more. It is quite a nice feeling, and I see things shifting in much better ways.

🕊💫 Yes, you will experience more ease and grace as you learn to carry higher frequency thoughtforms in your heart.

How is that done effectively? I’ve felt things in my heart briefly, then the sensation dissipates. How do I know what I am actually carrying in my heart?

🕊💫 You will feel it more consistently. “Downloading” the essence, the frequency of the thoughtform into your heart is the first step, it is introducing the frequency to you. “Downloading” that you carry the thoughtform is next.

And that is when the conflicting beliefs arise, right?

🕊💫 Often, yes, that does happen. When you are deep in commitment to creating and enjoying your life, the old programmes will surface. Release them with kindness and appreciation for their service and you will hold higher frequency thoughtforms easier.
We acknowledge the time you are in, and that it may feel challenging to you. We assure you that all is in Divine Order and encourage you to continue releasing the dense energies and thoughtforms. You are making space for light energies and thoughtforms. Your work is being rewarded and you will experience it more and more as you move forward in your evolution.

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