Coffee with the Angels 01.12.18

Creating Your Reality/Experience

You have been taught to be very specific when creating your reality and experiences.  You are also taught to turn it over to the Universe, God, the All That Is, let us bring it to you.

We want to refine this information for you.

You must know what you want and be very clear about it.  You also must detach from that desire and release control so we can help you.

Details do matter for we need to know your desires clearly.  Yet too much confines us and we cannot bring you what you want.  Too much detail at times is control and fear – this we cannot work with.

You must be clear, without the control and fear.  Remember, we hear your energy and vibration much louder than your voice.  We bring you what your vibration and energy are asking for.

We will and do bring you what you ask for.  It often isn’t what you think you are asking for.  Knowing yourself and your vibration is often mistaken for conscious egotism.

How you feel about your experiences is your best indicator of how you really think and feel about yourself. 

When manifesting doesn’t work out as you believed you asked for there is simply learning to be done. Learn about yourself.  What you really were asking for – and what beliefs or feelings may be keeping you separate.

Creating your own reality requires great self-awareness, non-judgement and perspective of higher order. 

For many of you, it will look nothing like you think it will, so details cause problems.  The details to give are broad, feeling-based and overall outcome oriented.

Then we can bring it to you.