Coffee with the Angels  01.01.2018

New Year’s Day 2018 ~ Full Moon (Supermoon)

Earthstar Chakra

Just below the feet, looking like lit-up obsidian with silver glow.  Most important chakra in grounding as it is our very connection with earth energy.  The Earthstar is stable and consistent. Being well tuned to your Earthstar chakra helps you maintain firm groundedness and helps stabilize you when things get rough.  As it connects you directly at the surface of the Earth, learning to feel, recognize and work with this chakra is very helpful.  It grounds you in a way the root cannot, especially if there is any damage or issue with the root chakra.  Sometimes the Earthstar is semi-closed, mostly due to lack of recognition and conscious attention.  It just gets quiet and slows.  It appears that Earthstar does not experience damage or issues as the main 7 do.  It is beyond the human existence, connecting energies outside of space and time, yet is also quite perceptible in the human existence.

Earthstar is a rock upon which you stand.  Recognition and honor by including it as part of your being and chakra system will give you a solid grounding that is unshakable.