Embrace Your Divine Design

Everything you need to know to understand your soul’s purpose, divine gifts,

how to manifest effectively, and put your divinity into action.

Your Divine Design is the key to your connection with Divine Source Energy and is the very core of your Sacred Self.  Making decisions and choices from your Divine Design is the key to living your Sacred Life.

Putting your Divine Design into action through your everyday life inevitably results in greater energy, abundance, joy, freedom, purpose and fulfillment.  It can be no other way, it’s Divine Law!


Your greatest self-empowerment is in your Divine Design.

Discover & Embrace Your Divine Design…


Basic Divine Design Realignment

Realign to your Divine Design…to your truest Sacred Self.  Discover the 2 most important aspects of your design, and clear away lifetimes of energy patterns that keep you stuck, sick, broke, and unhappy.  Reclaim your energy, health, wealth, and happiness!


Awaken the Inner Light, DNA Activation, ThetaHealing, Healing,

Discover Your Divine Design

All you need to finally understand clearly how you are designed to be and operate at soul level so you can be truly, Divinely, Self-Expressed.

Discover the 5 major elements of your soul’s design and how they show up in your life.

Understanding how you are designed at soul-level is radical permission to be your truest self and the formula to create your next level life again and again–according to your soul.

A comprehensive Divine Design Reading.

Quantum Excavation*

Uncover and release energies causing blocks and restrictions that keep you stuck.  Gain deeper understanding of past choices and events, stop taking on other people’s stuff, and move forward on your own Divine Journey.

*Divine Design Reading is a prerequisite.


Divine Design Mentorship Program

EmbraceYour Divine Design

An intensive deep dive into your unique Divine Design with support, mentoring, energy work, belief breakthroughs, and so much more!

This is everything you need to understand your soul’s purpose, divine gifts, how to manifest effectively, and put your divinity into action.


Your divine design is the key to receiving what you desire.

Hi!  I’m Katie Kieffer

Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, and the Author of Coffee with the Angels.

It’s a great honor to teach clients about how their unique soul is designed and help them implement it into their everyday life and even how they make a living.  It lights me up when they realize there’s nothing wrong with them—that how something they’ve considered “wrong” is actually how they are designed to operate.  Creating a sacred space to support my clients in learning about and bringing their Divine Design into their everyday life and living is a true joy!

 The Akashic Records Hold Your Soul Blueprint

Your Soul Blueprint is your soul’s operations manual.  Quite literally how you are designed to operate according to your original soul design!  Your Soul Blueprint holds the information of your soul-level, Divine gifts and talents, traits, characteristics, how you are designed to receive vital force energy and to create your experiences and reality.  As your consicousness raises, aligning to your Soul Blueprint becomes more and more important in getting the results you want in life.  It is also the most important reference point when engaging in healing work.  You can literally be attempting to heal your way into being or doing things that are simply incongruent to who you are at soul-level!  Seriously.  Ask me how I know!


What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the superhighway of all Universal information.  They’re often liked to a library.  I find them to be more of a database like the internet.  Each soul has its own record containing the information of all choices ever made.  Since the Akashic Records hold all of the information of the Universe, there is a vast amout of information there that is irrelevant to your current experience.  To bring you the most useful, practical, and transformational information only your soul’s record is accessed in a very precise, focused way, and very specific queries are made.

Embrace Your Divine Design & Put Your Divinity Into Action!