Basic Divine Design Realignment

Realign to your Divine Design and let your light shine!

Your soul was designed as a unique expression of the Divine.  Gaining deeper understanding and self-awareness of how you were created as a soul gifts you with the deepest truth of who you are and grants radical permission to be your Divine Self in the flesh.

REALIGN…in this reading you’ll uncover the root choices and energy patterns that caused major MISalignment to your Divine Design. AND we’ll clear those energy patterns, freeing you to make new choices that are an expression of your Divine Sacred Self.

In this basic reading and clearing, you get to learn about the two most important aspects of your Divine Design:

Primary Energy

The #1 key to living your Divine Design and being more positively self-expressed is in your Primary Energy Center.

 Your Primary Energy shows you:

  • The foundation upon which your soul is built.
  • How you are designed to receive vital force energy, and therefore, abundance.
  • Your inherent divine gifts.
  • What constitutes a “positive” or “negative” choice.
  • What you actually need in order to express your true divinity.


Soul Origination

The second most important aspect of your Divine Design is your Soul Origination, or group.  Many people on the planet today are indeed what are often called “starseeds”, meaning their souls are not originally from Earth.

Your Soul Origination shows you:

 The vibration that is most “like” your soul’s original vibrational signature.

  • Soul-level traits and tendencies that can serve you well in your human experience.
  • Shadow tendencies that may be showing up in your daily life such as codependency, disempowerment, victimization, depletion, exhaustion, lack of direction, being stuck, etc.

Understanding your unique design is a beautiful reclamation of your personal power!

Everyone experiences misalignments to their Divine Design at some point or another in their soul’s history.  The key is to recognize the patterns and make changes as best you can.  Clearing the energy of these incongruent energy patterns frees your soul, and your mind, to make new choices that are congruent to your Divine Design.  There are many things that can get cleared away:

  • Unjustified Karma
  • Energetic Implants
  • Bargains
  • Constraints
  • Vows
  • and many more

We also take a look at damage that has been done that causes energy leaks and seal them up so you keep the vital force energy that is flowing to you.

Your Divine Design is unique to you…and the foundation of your brillint soul’s light.  Only you can shine your light!

One of the major causes of deep-seated recurring issues I have seen in myself and in clients over and over is that of being imbalanced and misaligned with ourselves.


Basic Divine Design Realignment is the first, and a major, step toward restoring harmony, balance, and alignment within ourselves.

What You Receive:

Live Session via Zoom

A live session to go over your Primary Energy and Soul Group, and discuss the energetic patterns that have been presenting blocks and restrictions in your life.  This meeting runs for about an hour.  Give yourself some quiet time for after your reading.


All readings are done over Zoom so we can record them!  You get a recording that you can download to revisit and review at any time.  We can meet via video or audio only.

Preparation Time

Prior to our meeting, I access your soul’s Akashic Record and retrieve the information about your Divine Design, the blocks and restrictions, and pinpoint the energy patterns that need clearing.

Deep Self-Understanding & Self-Acceptance

As your reading unfolds, you’ll gain understanding of your true divine nature, and why things may go awry for you…and also how things can work better for you!

Practical, Actionable Ideas

What good does understanding who you are at soul level and doing the energy clearing do if there aren’t any practical, actionable ideas for you to DO?  This is where the woo meets down-to-Earth practical steps.  When you understand your divine nature, and how you get misaligned, you can begin taking actions and making choices that bring you into balance and alignment with yourself so you can experience greater ease, grace, joy, freedom, authenticity…and so much more!

Ready to get Realigned?



for priceless insight, understanding, and the keys to your greatest joy, abundance, and true personal freedom.

Things Clients Say…


“Learning about my Divine origins has armed me with the confidence that I can still achieve some of my crazy dreams, no matter how dark things seem to be getting on this planet.” S.S.


“I have a better understanding of who I am, helps clear the air to understanding the process of how we work spiritually and in human form. ” R.H.


“I most importantly realized that it is on my soul blueprint to work in certain way, and that is not a problem or issue as I always thought but just a characteristic that I can use in positive way and for my benefit.” V.S.

Step into your soul’s unique truth, and heal those lifetimes old wounds, issues, and “negative” patterns!