Empaths and Boundaries
#coffeewiththeangels 05.30.19

I would like to know more about empaths, boundaries, and the idea that “we are all one”. It appears in conversation with friends that there are empaths who refuse boundaries under the premise that “we are all one”, which I get, yet I don’t. Will you give us clarity and understanding about this?

🕊💫 This is an important topic. Just because you can sense all that is going on around you does not obligate you to engage with it. None of you are inherently obligated to heal or fix anything outside of yourself. You may choose to, yet you are not obligated to do so. First and foremost your only “obligation” (we use that term loosely in this sentence) is to yourself. Those who are attempting to heal and fix others but failing to tend to themselves pay a heavy price for they miss out on their own joy of life. Remember, we speak broadly here, the purpose is to draw attention to what one may be experiencing. It is in no way prescriptive or a catch-all.

Thank you. My brain tends to go seeking the exceptions and I can get a bit pedantic. I don’t see the need for that here though.

🕊💫 Good, because we aim to share overall information today, not fine detail. There are patterns that can be seen from an overview, and of course, not everyone fits into those patterns.

A pattern we do see that is fairly universal among empaths is the issue of good boundaries. Some advocate for strong, forceful boundaries while others say boundaries essentially box you in. Neither of these extremes is healthy long term. Strongly forceful boundaries can indeed box you in and limit you because of overreaction to stimuli. It is reflexive rather than contemplated with intuition and balance. Refusing boundaries is problematic for you lose yourself. Some of you have yet to truly experience your own life as your own person. It is important that you become your own person and fulfill your own destiny. Your Divine Timings will happen for you set that up to be inevitable. Your Destiny, however, you could take lifetimes to complete. Truly, the choice is yours.

The idea that “we are all one” is a truth. We are all part of the All That Is. Yet we each have our own place, space, and identity. This is so of all beings, physical and non-physical. Take a moment and look at the leaf of a tree. Look at your hand. You see one thing. Yet, if you look at them both with a powerful microscope you’ll see individual cells, each with their own outer membrane or cell wall, housing all the internal parts. Likewise, every cell in your body has a cell membrane and its function is protection. It is selectively permeable and with good discernment allows in that which is beneficial and expels that which is harmful or has completed its purpose. Healthy boundaries are akin to the cell membrane. And no, your auric field does not function this way on its own. If you lack healthy discernment, your auric field is weakened. It is still helpful and somewhat protective, just not optimally so.

Imagine a tree without individual cells and distinct boundaries between the different structures. What do you see?

A blob that doesn’t even resemble a tree.

🕊💫 Exactly. Cells grow, intermingle, stack on one another, share information and are harmonious when all is well. They also often quarantine other cells when there is a problem detrimental to the organism as a whole.

Healthy boundaries are much like a cell membrane. Aware of the environment and discerning about what to let in. They do not just absorb everything – and neither should you.

Good discernment is the key here. By all means, take your time to gain and learn discernment. Know how to clear yourself and fine-tune your intuition. You may vacillate between forceful “keep it all out” and weak “let too much in” on your journey. Be kind and gentle with yourself and adjust as you learn. Remember that the cell that undiscerningly allows in toxins will get sick and die. The cell that is so impenetrable that it refuses nutrients will also get sick and die. See yourself as a cell in the wholeness of the All That Is. In a way, we all are. Every cell in your physical body will die, either from having completed its purpose or from unhealthfulness. To be of the most benefit, healthy functioning is essential. So to it is true for each individual. You will be of the most benefit to the greater oneness when you are functioning well and moving into greater overall health and well-being. Healthy boundaries are a major part of your health and well-being, and we encourage you to learn and develop them.


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