Coffee with the Angels 12.01.17  – day before Full Moon in Gemini

Receptors grant access like keyholes grant a key holder access. 

The energy is the key searching for the right keyhole to open the door to you.  It must be able to locate an access point of entry in order for you to have the experience of that energy.

This is true of both “positive” and “negative” feeling energies.  It just so happens that we become more sensitive to the “negative” feeling energies early in life through what we are taught.  Fear is a dominant “negative” feeling we are full of receptors for.  This is very clear when we look at the collective.  In fact, fear can be so dominating of our space that there is no room for receptors of compassion, love, joy and gratitude.  We are too busy in far to even recognize the others are available to us.

Currently it seems we are clearing out tribal energies and beliefs that are out-dated, no longer serve and lack the Highest Truth.  This is a great place to begin working if you are experiencing more “negative” feelings than “positive” as it can show you what you were programmed with from your family and tribe of origin.  Likewise, you can see the “positives” given by your tribe.

Our quest quite often is to feel good.  In feeling good we draw to us more of what feels good and if we do this well, we have a great sense of well-being and fulfillment.  To achieve this we must have the door open to let it in.  There must be an access point for the energy of what we want to come into our experience.

For those of us who feel first, these receptors along with discernment are vital to our well-being and ability to think positively.