Coffee with the Angels 11.18.17

Energy Centers & the Grid

Bring it into your heart.  Everything you want, all you are, and all you will be, it comes from the heart.

Connecting the grid helps the energy flow.  When the grid is connected and flowing, it is easy then for all the information to flow through where it needs to go.

Sacral authority means gut-based, intuitive based.  Feelings should never be ignored as they come from sacral authority.

The difference between intuition and triggers in the feelings is the nervous system response.  When fight-flight-freeze are activated, it indicates being triggered.

These triggers can be super quiet and be mistaken for intuition – and at times it really can be both. The key is to slow down and get discernment.

I’m seeing a girl in the city, night, already a little on edge and ready to be triggered for fight-flight-freeze.  Were there nothing to trigger, no programs of fear, no old wounds of being unprotected – then she would be calm.  Alert but calm.  She would have a confidence about her, not a shrinking sense.

To develop discernment, it is helpful to tune into the subtle sensations in the body.  As you discover and disarm the triggers, intuition has more space and becomes easier to discern.