Coffee with the Angels 01.09.18

Energy Violations

Violations happen all the time, often unbeknownst to the violator.  Often it is well-meaning overall, and the approach is the violation, not the intention.

It is easy to feel violated when we are weak or are learning about boundaries.  Weak or poor boundaries set us up for regular, repeated violations because we don’t even know it’s happening.  This is especially true when the violator is truly well-meaning and also has poor boundaries or lacks recognition of boundaries.

First examine the motive – are they giving you well-meaning, unwanted advice?  It’s a violation, one they mean well in doing  and have no idea it is a violation.  This happens most frequently in the energy realm.

Learn to recognize your own violations upon others – and start there.  The better you become at recognizing your own way of infringing on others, you also find your weak spots.  These shift and heal together.  The stronger your weak places get, the less you’ll be violating others and vice versa.

Forgive yourself and others.  You’ve been raised on a planet and in a society where energetic violations have been rampant for a very long time.  Humanity is learning to change this.

Be gentle with yourself and others.  You are all learning and will make mistakes and be imperfect.  That’s part of Divine Perfection – imperfection.

Divine Perfection is free will, growth and the ability to learn and change.  You are in Divine Perfection when you continue to learn, grow, change and become different.  Many of you feel as though you have lived multiple lifetimes in one – and you have.  Who you were and how you behaved as a teenager is one life, your mid 20s another, your 30s yet another – and now you are unrecognizable to them.  This is why you may have had trouble seeing your future – it was.  You are too different from those people you were along the way.  They are all you, and who you needed to be then.  You are who you need to be now.

It is all in Divine Perfection.