Coffee with the Angels 11.20.17

Feeling isn’t thinking.  In today’s culture, thinking is valued over feeling yet feeling is what provides connection, nurturing and a sense of belonging – a necessary human and many beings thing.  Social creatures and beings require tribe, connection, belonging for survival in ancient days and for health and thriving today.  One of the greatest problems we see today is a society full of false connection, over thinkers and under feelers. 

Feelers feel the need to hide, diminish or otherwise reduce their feeling.  This is detrimental at best because it means they deny who they are and how they operate. Intellect has largely ignored the intellect of feelings. It has been relegated to the mind, thinky thoughts and an ability to be good at academics.  The intellect of feelings operates quite differently and can be illogical at times.  Often times it is hind-sight that the feelings make logical sense for those who operate from feelings, you know what they look like – you know you need to go to the store – even though there is nothing you really need right now but you *feel* you have to go now – no other explanation.  You get there, wander around for 20 minutes pick up a few things and head for the check –out.  On your way out the door you run into an acquaintance you haven’t seen in a long time.  A quick catch up reveals the reason you  *needed* to go to the store. 

What appeared as an illogical feeling showed later to be perfect intuition.  Today’s society still values academics and logic – a linear way of being, over intuition which is more of an exponential, multi-dimensional way of being.