Coffee with the Angels 01.02.18

We see you and we are helping you.  Your human brain slows things down, much to your frustration.

We understand that you are frustrated, this is something you can release and let go of.  Your frustration is based in fear and that you must release.  The old pattern of unreliability is changing.  You can rely on yourself and others.

Your refusal to see the future creates anxiety in you.  You see anyway then become fearful that it will or won’t come to pass.  Learn to discern.  Most probabilities have space for some adjustments, even if they cannot be changed.

  • I ask if the human brain can be upgraded to understand better – I hear “we are” in response to the idea/vision of a branch in the river, hanging on to the tree – when it breaks loose then it is in the flow – it may get caught in some areas and “stuck” a while, but again gets into the flow when it breaks loose – possibly breaking a piece of itself off – that piece may have caused a slowing of its ability to go with the flow smoothly – it may have been what caused it to get hung up.

You fear detachment will in a way make you lifeless.  Unrelatable.  For some they may see you so, and that is because they don’t understand.  They will be caught up in their own realities with expectations that in no way match for coincide with you.  Do not take it personally for it truly has nothing to do with you.