Go Within

The Angels Say:

Go within your heartspace for there you find your truest self.  You hold the answers to your questions.  This is where we can most assist you.  We are within you as we are all connected through the web of the All That Is.  Nothing is truly outside of you.  You receive messages, truths, and guidance within your being.  You hear it in your mind, feel it in your body, sense it in your heart.

Remember that the energies of the cosmos are your assistants.  They call you to go within to heal, receive the information you ask for and to remember.  Deep within you know who you are, you know your Sacred Self.  The energies simply provoke you to remember.  You are healing, dear ones, from all the trauma of humanity.  You are learning to live more loving, kind lives.  This is within you now, and always has been.  Your ancestors focused on surviving in the physical world, and many could not see beyond the veil.  They mastered survival of the body.  Now you are learning to live beyond your physical selves.  Your emotional and spiritual selves are just as real as your physical self and you are learning to integrate each facet into your wholeness.  None are separate from your Sacred Self,  your perspective simply fractured them in the course of human history.  You are whole, you always have been.

Go within and remember your Sacred Self.  You know how to do this outside the body, now you are learning to do this in the body, connected with your physical form.  It is your birthright to fully experience your life and destiny on Earth with all of your senses, physical and non-physical.  Go within and remember.  You have done this before, you have the knowing.  Remember how to experience your life from wholeness.

Coffee with the Angels is a writing exercise of messages from the angels, shared with me over morning coffee. Sometimes I ask a specific question, often it is as simple as “What are we writing today?”. Frequently, the messages do parallel what I am pondering, curious about, or dealing with for myself.  The text is the message from the angels, and the video contains a bit more.  May you find guidance, answers or some other benefit for your life <3