Angel Transmission 04.14.20

K:  Will you share with us your perspective of what is happening around the Earth at this time?

A:  A pandemic.  A pandemic of the highest order.

K:  What does that mean?

A:  This is the first time in your human history that is remembered or well known that information flows so fast.  The pandemic is one more of fear than of a real health issue.  It is pervasive, and few are untouched.

K:  Earlier on in this I felt a stillness and peace.  Now I am feeling a bit unsettled and confused.

A:  Stop tuning into the collective energy.

K:  Ah, that makes sense.  Still cleaning up an old pattern?

A:  Yes.  You want to know what’s happening, you want the truth and accurate information.  You’ll find little of that in any of the media.  First of all, there isn’t as much accurately known about this virus as many would have you think.  Even so, there are people genuinely sharing what they do know.

K:  Does this information actually apply to the current so-called “novel” virus?

A:  That is yet to be determined clearly.  We are not here to offer scientific information.  What we can, and will tell you is that the fear is the bigger pandemic.  Whether the virus is an actual pandemic or not will be revealed in time.  This is not something we choose to speak about, nor can we accurately do so.  The choices humanity makes will determine the outcomes you will see.  The choices made by many different groups will be clear to see.

K:  I am concerned with the confusion I have been feeling the last several days.

A:  There is much out there in the information world, even in the spiritual realms that lends itself to confusion.  However, it is true that many groups of beings are offering what they know and believe, most with genuinely good intentions.  We are but one of those groups, and we desire for you to have clarity.  Many of the groups sharing information through conduits such as you desire the same thing – we all want you to have clarity.  When you have clarity, you are at much greater choice.

There are many different soul groups incarnated on Earth at this time, and so each group will navigate this differently, based upon their own inherent traits and talents.  None are “right” or “wrong”, just different.

Here is the key:  if it confuses you or incites fear, stop listening.  The message is simply not for you.

K:  I see many things about power plays, battles (for timelines), freedoms being taken, and other similar concepts.  This does NOT feel good.  I prefer to stay out of those energies yet at the same time I get concerned that by not listening to them I end up turning a blind eye or remaining inappropriately ignorant.

A:  This is exactly what many would have you believe.  That you are inappropriately ignorant, naïve, or lack caring.  There is a divide, many of them actually.  Yet it does not have to be divisive in the “us vs them” concept.  It can be a battle, yet it need not be.

K:  This is an uncomfortable transmission.

A:  We understand that this is so for you, yet we simply offer perspective and answers to your questions.  The discomfort you feel is that you are battle weary, you are tired.  You would prefer to stay out of any kind of battles or wars.

K:  Yes.

A:  So, stay out of it then.  Scroll past the posts or hide them on your social media, or stay off of it altogether.   You have choice.  You aren’t choosing ignorance when you choose peace.  Quite the opposite.  You are choosing to create a reality for yourself that is simply different from many others.  Truly, many are with you even if you aren’t connected with them now.

You are indeed at a choice point, both as individuals and as collectives.  Many are deepening their own self-awareness and self-knowledge, some are just beginning to understand themselves as greater than their human bodies and lives.  None are “better” than any other, just at different places in frequency and vibration.  This we truly want to convey clearly:  you are all in your individual Divine Time and Divine Order.  Likewise, as a collective this is so.

K:  It doesn’t feel like it.

A:  Cut through all the noise.  Detach from the collective energies.  Tune in within yourself.  Allow your soul to guide you.  You don’t need us or any of the other beings to rely on to guide you.  We are certainly happy to lend assistance.  However, we are never meant to replace your own inner wisdom, your inner knowing, or your personal connection to Creator/Source.

K:  That makes sense.  At the same time, it’s a bit scary.  Even as I seek to understand myself more, and live more from my soul, I find myself wanting confirmation, guidance, and some level of certainty and security that I am making good, wise choices for myself and my family.

A:  As humanity, you are social creatures.  At its optimum way, humanity is brilliantly interdependent on one another in harmony and grace.  This has not been the experience in the greater collective, and so may be a little challenging to imagine, much less embrace.  Those of you who grew up in families where instability, violence, and disharmony were constant tones of life, it feels even more foreign.  Not only have you been given messages of distrust of others, you’ve also been given messages to distrust self.  We tell you, learn to trust yourself.  Learn to live into and from your soul, in the most positive aspects as you can.  Many of you came in living from the “negative” polarities of your soul, and so have been experiencing life in general from that perspective.  This was perceived as necessary to incarnate on Earth, to be a vibrational match enough to incarnate and stay long enough to make the changes you wanted to make.  This pandemic is simply highlighting for many what isn’t working anymore – hence a choice point.

There is a great choice in front of you.  Recognize the inherent power within you, or allow others to have that power over you.  There is no in between.  Either you claim your inherent power over your own life, or you turn it over to someone else.  It is truly your own choice.  To not choose is a choice.

A theme that is glaring for many of you is that of victimization.  When one chooses to recognize and reclaim their inherent power over their own life, that includes recognizing where you’ve given power away, but perceiving self as a victim.  This may be of circumstance, of a violent family, of poverty, or any number of things.  The moment you realize that you indeed have power to change your mind, to change your feelings, to change your perspective, to change your vibration at all levels, you realize you never were a victim of anything.  This is something we encourage you to consider:  What if you never have been a victim of anything – ever?

K:  That’s a big, and I’ll venture to say unpopular, statement.  Though I agree.  I’ve personally been taking more responsibility for my own experiences.  I even have asked the question “What made me a vibrational match for ____” what ever it was that I found unpleasant or felt a victim of.

A:  Yes, and that is a start.  The next step is to create something different.

K:  I certainly haven’t mastered that, I’m not even sure I have begun to get a grasp on how to do that.

A:  Lean in to your soul more.  Gaining discernment is absolutely necessary to do this effectively so you know what you are actually leaning in to.  Many believe they are leaning into their soul when they are leaning into belief systems, wounding, or something else.  What you actually create is your feedback.  The more you accept the reality you create as your own creation, no matter how ugly it may appear to you, the more you claim your personal power to create something different.  Do this effectively at the individual level, and eventually the collective must shift.  Remember, the collective is but a collection of individuals.  One does affect the other which is why it is so important to recognize when you are experiencing the collective more loudly than your inner beingness, your soul.

Most people around the world have an opportunity to really go within.  Yes, it may appear to some as a bid for control of the masses.  Yet, is that what you really want to feed with your energy and attention?  Or would you prefer to feed your own soul’s creations?  The choice is truly yours, and you make the choice not by the thoughts in your mind, but in the actions you take.  Click on that headline or scroll on by…that’s the choice.  Many of you are vacillating back and forth between inner beingness and collective energies, and this is exhausting.  We encourage you to allow yourself to be informed, though from a place of detachment.  There is no need to “tap into” the collective energy to get a feel for what is going on.  Choose your information sources wisely and use them with great discernment.  Give your soul more attention, lean into your Sacred Self more.  Even if it seems odd or it is scary, we truly encourage you to lean in to your Sacred Self and trust your own inner knowing and wisdom.  It will not fail you.

K:  Thank you.

A:  You are most welcome.  Remember, we are but one perspective of many.  Take what resonates with your soul and implement accordingly.  Leave the rest.

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