Coffee with the Angels 02.09.18

Healing Emotional Feeling Body

The Angels Say:

Healing the emotional and feeling body is just as important as keeping your physical body healthy.  Your emotional, feeling body is timeless, ageless and eternal.  It is the finest filter of all your experience.  You take the energy of your eyes through every life, and the emotional imprints as well.

Your response to every situation has the filter of feelings and previous experience.  You are becoming aware of this in a way that restores your free choice.

Everything stored in your feeling body and subconscious believes it is serving a purpose for you.  Only your survival and safety are considered.  Patterns form and repeat, somewhere in time and space it served you.  The subconscious is very good at keeping you in a known pattern that is perceived as safe.  Even harmful patterns can be and are viewed as safe when the emotional feeling body is in severe pain.

Many of you on Earth at this time have known the feeling body only in the context of pain or extremes for so long you’ve forgotten all else.  This is the source of frustration when you make a conscious choice to heal, change and feel good.  Your bodies – feeling and physical – have forgotten what it is to feel good, happy, joyful and so on.

You do need  a bit of magic to shift yourself out of pain, and no magic outside the self will be sufficient.  The magic of which we speak is your own willingness to open the door to healing.  You may seek assistance outside of self – and at times you will require it.  Your greatest challenge, and your greatest freedom, lies within.  Everything outside of self can be employed to either increase self-awareness or to avoid the self.  Be gentle and kind with yourself as you walk this journey.  Healing your feeling and emotional body is a process, and as a toddler learning to walk, you are likely to fall some.  Take heart – regardless your physical Earth years, you are healing a part of you that is old, wise and mis-programmed for the coming future.

You are in a great time of expansion and evolution.  We have said before that emotional maturity is the next step in human evolution, and now we expand on that a little.  To grow and mature in the emotional feeling body, all must be accepted, without judgement.  Allow yourself to feel and recognize your feelings and emotions without making them who you are.  Who you are at your greatest, deepest levels is eternal.  Any fear, anger, depression, worthlessness, inferiority – those are all temporary.  You may take them with you through many lifetimes – they are still temporary.

You must learn what light feelings and emotions truly feel like.  You are inundated with concepts of what happiness, love, joy and freedom are supposed to feel and look like.  These concepts head in the right direction most of the time, yet cannot even come close to teaching you what it actually feels like on a visceral level.  This is part of the magic – being open to feeling love, happiness, joy and more on the visceral level.  It is much quieter than you expect.  Your expectations have been hijacked by drama.

As you heal and recalibrate your emotional feeling body, your need to experience the extremes of emotion will cease.  You will have greater acceptance of the flow of human experience and emotion without it being who you are. 

Messages from the angels shared with me over morning coffee. Sometimes I ask a specific question, often it is as simple as “What are we writing today?”. Frequently, the messages do parallel what I am pondering, curious about, or dealing with for myself.  The text is the message from the angels, and the video contains a bit more.  May you find guidance, answers or some other benefit for your life <3