Letting Go of “Should”

The Angels Say:

“Should” stems from obligation and often conflicts with true desire.  In each moment you feel you should be doing or being something you are not, you are criticizing yourself.  In human life, there is much to be done that many of you would prefer to not do, or have someone else do.  Herein lies the importance of community and agreements.  You all have different desires and interests.

The perception that one should do or be something outside of those desires is often a projection and lack of honoring one another.  Each of you have desires and talents to be expressed and you can do so, allowing others to do the same.  Honoring your own desires and talents, being in alignment yourself gives you the foundation to do so.

Allow yourself the time to assess your “should”s.  Some are genuine duties of choices you have made.  For these, finding or creating desire around them is helpful.  This will relieve stress, release resentment and increase your willingness and joy.  Assessing duties and obligations inherent in choices you have made helps you discover your true desires.  Remember, there are many things you have chosen to do or be that you can easily bring to a close.  For those that are lifetime commitments, find the joy and benefits and you can find and create desire from there.

“Should” can also indicate avoidance.  Again, assessment of “should”s will help you discover this.  Diving deeper here will help you see fears, perceived obligations that are not yours, resentments to release and more.  This is part of your growth and maturing, aligning more and becoming more of your Sacred Self.

Coffee with the Angels is a writing exercise of messages from the angels, shared with me over morning coffee. Sometimes I ask a specific question, often it is as simple as “What are we writing today?”. Frequently, the messages do parallel what I am pondering, curious about, or dealing with for myself.  The text is the message from the angels, and the video contains a bit more.  May you find guidance, answers or some other benefit for your life <3