Coffee with the Angels 12.18.17  New Moon in Sagittarius

The duality between “light” and “dark” does indeed exist.  There are dimension and planes of existence where it is absent.

Your job is to be aware of the fact that it is real, and to stay out of it as best you can.  You know you have been influenced by duality when it is white/black, this/that, right/wrong thinking and choices.  There is always more to a story, more options available.  Pull yourself out of duality by asking for more options, more centralized perspective, higher perspective.  You will receive it.

If you live your life this way, navigating multi-dimensions together becomes second nature.  You’ll recognize the truth of the laws governing and existing on the Earth at the same time knowing they don’t apply or exist in the higher dimensions, planes, realms.  This is how we encourage you to live.  This is the Both/And Consciousness.  You know what is real and what is illusion, you understand that different dimensions and consciousness levels exist simultaneously and that your experience in each is, in fact, real.

Love is all there is in some realms, yet in others there is much more.  You live on Earth and to only experience Love in a human body on the Earth at this time actually shuts you off from the richness and diversity of the fullness of human emotion.  Part of why you are here is to experience contrast and diversity.  In doing this, you learn what different feelings and emotions feel like.  You can learn from them all in one lifetime if you choose.

Remember Both/And – it is important for you to remember that seemingly conflicting truths can be true and real simultaneously and of equal importance.  The more you learn to live multi-dimensionally, the better you will understand and experience this.