Coffee with the Angels 11.23.17   (Thanksgiving Day, U.S.)

Emotional well-being is truly the heart and key to true joy and happiness in life.

We are afraid that showing how emotionally damaged or hurt we are will lead to being ostracized and often it does.  This is an area humans have ignored and shoved away for thousands of years.  The focus was on survival of the physical even if it meant harm to the emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  Even today in the western medical model, life is prolonged even if it means emotional suffering to the patient or their family.

The next phases of human evolution rely heavily on our ability to heal and thrive emotionally.  How we feel affects our manifesting and for some, is the dominant ability/catalyst in manifesting.  If we are in a state of dis-ease, pain, how can we manifest that which we want?  We cannot manifest well from a state of despair or desperation.  Manifesting for prosperity from a state of desperation doesn’t work in the long run.  The vibrational match isn’t accurate to do so.  You may manifest a better situation, a step up, but not long-term prosperity.  To create long-term prosperity you must achieve and maintain a vibration that matches prosperity as you want it to be.  It works the same with love, health – everything.  We can make improvements temporarily from a low vibration or dark place, but it’s just a step up, a doorway into a different way of being.  This doorway opens to all that has created the situation.  Beliefs, worthiness issues, guilt, family patterns, cultural expectations and more can be recognized.

Beliefs are far more than engrained patterns.  They are feelings, thoughts, energy patterns, biological familiarity and more.