Owning Beliefs & Going The Depth

The Angels Say:

Trust in yourself.  You know when something is off, when something is causing unease, even if it is quiet.  You are good at justifying it through the ego, yet the fact remains that you are not where you want to be.  In fact, the more you push, justify unease, and declare its opposite, the more aware you are of the separateness.  For if you were where you wanted to be, it would just be.  There would be no work involved anymore as you would then be on your next journey.

You feel it in your body.  It varies amongst individuals – but you all feel the beliefs in your body.  Beliefs affect how you feel all the time.  It is never fully outside the self. 

Become aware and curious – that is how you learn to recognize that there is a belief causing unease.  Then, it is an exercise in awareness and self-honesty to uncover the belief.  You will get surface beliefs first.  Clear, change, release them.

Where many of you stop is at the surface.  You must go deeper.  Surface beliefs can rebuild, just as unwanted plants regrow when there is enough left to survive.  Beliefs can be just as tenacious as the hardiest, most invasive plants.  To see the depth and breadth of changes in your life and how you feel, you must go the depth.  The riches and treasures of you are there.

It truly is a choice – and also a skill.  Learn the skill of getting to the bottom beliefs.  When you are aware and stop justifying or pushing for something you have yet to achieve in feeling, you open the door to your Sacred Self. 

That’s what the Angels have to say.

Hey! There’s more today!

So, today I’m going to add more here to the text, and for the first time, you’ll get information here that isn’t in the video! 

This morning, my feelings were hurt just a little.  Not a big deal, though a great realization that I was quietly hoping for something I had not realized before.  So, as I sat to do my Truth Journal, I also did some EFT tapping.  For the first time ever, I was able to structure the phrases as I originally learned: “even though  ___ (my feelings are hurt), I deeply and completely love myself”.   I have never been able to really say that before.  Oh, I’ve done it.  Pushed my way through, justified it when I refused to even attempt it anymore, all kinds of avoidance.  Yet, I realized exactly what this was about.  The work I did the other day!  This is a direct confirmation of the healing experienced.  Below I account to you the day’s work – as succinctly as I can (this was a whole day’s work after all).

A couple days ago, I had some very deep work happening.  What I found in going the depth was this belief structure, intuitively heard then muscle-tested to confirm as each surfaced:

“I deserve to be loved completely”  NO  Genetic, History, Soul levels

Digging into the why, the next set becomes clear:

“I have to please others to deserve love”  YES Core, Genetic, History levels

“I have to please God to deserve love”  YES  History and Soul levels

“God is impossible to please”  YES – all levels – Core, Genetic, History, Soul

“I am completely separate from God”  YES Core, Genetic, Soul levels

As I was testing these, I felt a deep hollowness in my solar plexus area.  It was quite uncomfortable. 

More digging, going deeper, it comes to:

“I deserve to be separate from God”  YES  Core, Genetic, Soul  levels

Sitting with this, and working to shift these beliefs, I check:

“I am allowed to heal this separation from God”  YES – whew! 

More digging, allowing the flow of the process, it comes to God-Self and following the “God Code”.  After getting clarity, understanding and truth from the All That Is, and aligning with that I check:

“It is safe to claim my God Self”  YES

“I am ready to claim my God Self”  YES

“I know how to claim my God Self”  YES

Then rechecking earlier muscle tests to see what has cleared, and fine-tuning some around the separation issue, they have been released.  I felt good, solid, clear.

Then a few moment later I knew something was amiss.  The separateness issue was not entirely cleared. (yes, beliefs can re-form this quickly!)  As I was checking “I deserve to be separate from God, somewhere” it was YES  however I actually said

“I deserve to be rejected by God”  it was YES on the Core, Genetic, and History levels (so thankful the soul was free of this!)

So – more digging.  Now I come upon beliefs that are directly from my family history:

“The only way to make money is to use people”  YES Core, Genetic levels (meaning carried to me from ancestors, and formed from this life experience as well)

“I know the difference between using and serving”  NO Core, Genetic, History

“Using tools is wrong”  YES  Core

How this one came to be was all about interpretation – from the child’s perspective and experience.  I could see it in my mind’s eye.  Listening to family sneer and judge others for “taking the easy way”.  Yeah.  We have no idea how our children will interpret what we say and do, or what beliefs will form in them.  

In working on clearing “the only way to make money is to use people”, and seeing a link of that to my husband, I feel a clear sensation in my back – a heavily barbed psychic hook.  I know where this comes from, oh yes, and it takes some work and doing, but it is removed, healed and sealed. 

Now the belief releases, and is replaced with being of service without being a servant, feeling the appreciation of others and being able to receive it, and making money at the same time.  None being reliant on another I hear as I write this today.  All independent of one another, yet with the openness of connection. 

This is the end of the work of the day, and it feels like a flow of ease.  I still spent another few hours in a theta brainwave, processing and integrating.

When I went to bed that night, I looked at my husband’s back as he slept, and felt this deep appreciation.  I don’t know that I’ve ever felt appreciation for him like this before.  It was clear that something huge had shifted within me. 

Coming up to today, less than two full days since this deep work, I feel strong, clear, and worthy of living my life.  I was painting and listening to music when my husband came home yesterday.  Before this work, anything like that made me feel “caught”, as if I was doing something wrong.  Not yesterday.  I did feel the shift into family time, (I had a couple hours home alone – a rarity!) and it was a smooth transition.  No anxiety or fear. 

I am excited to see where this goes and how it shows up in my life.  For one – I’m sharing the experience with you – and unedited.  These are ALL the beliefs that surfaced, that I muscle-tested and worked on in that day’s deep dive of inner healing.   That itself is big, and yeah, there is a little fear in sharing this experience. 

My purpose in sharing this story is about going the depth.  So often I see people just beginning to scratch the surface.  Some simply stop there.  Some simply don’t know about the real depths, or think they are in them when they’re not.  Some (like I did) avoid the depths and justify, “claim their truth” and a whole variety of other things to avoid, avoid, avoid.  

What I know is this – when I avoid, avoid, avoid, life gets worse.  I feel worse.  I get stuck.  Then the only way is forward.  To go forward, I have to do the shadow work.  I have to get into the depths, and pull up the beliefs and feelings that are hurting.  This process isn’t always easy, and it is certainly more time consuming to do it on myself than working with another practitioner.  Yet, it is fearless now.  Even the act of coming up on recognizing and realizing fears itself is fearless. 

I am grateful for this work.  I know I am called to this work, for my own healing and to be of service and a light for others too.   I am working on what surfaced as “God-Self”.  I prefer the term Sacred Self, though it feels synonymous, ever so slightly different. 

Maybe that is a whole different session.   

Coffee with the Angels are messages from the angels, shared with me over morning coffee. Sometimes I ask a specific question, often it is as simple as “What are we writing today?”. Frequently, the messages do parallel what I am pondering, curious about, or dealing with for myself.  The text is the message from the angels, and the video contains a bit more.  May you find guidance, answers or some other benefit for your life <3