Reciprocity of Generosity

The Angels Say:

Life is generous.  There is much available to you.  Reciprocity of generosity simply means being generous and also receiving generosity.  You may need to expand your perception to see where you are giving and receiving as your trained expectations may fail to see what is really happening or there.

Humble are the souls who often fail to see what they share, and often fail to see the benefit they are to the world.  In these souls, it is genuine lack of seeing, which is, to an extent, appropriate.  Fearful are the ones who reject recognition of their value and benefit.  Both can exist in the same person.  Release the fear.  Allow others to be generous with you, allow life to be generous.  Be generous without concern for return.  Every generosity in thought, word and deed sends your light waves across the universe. 

Generosity begins in thought, moves to words, is manifested in actions and behaviours.  Generous thoughts, free from preconceived notions, is the foundation upon which you both give and receive.  To recognize generosity flowing in, thoughts, feelings and ability to receive must be in alignment.  This is how the reciprocity works.

To give and never receive starves the self.  To receive and never give starves others.  To refuse or deny both is to starve yourself and all those around you.

Be generous with yourself and others.  Allow generosity in.  It is with a generous heart, mind, and the manifestations that follow that you find and experience fulfillment.

Coffee with the Angels are messages from the angels, shared with me over morning coffee. Sometimes I ask a specific question, often it is as simple as “What are we writing today?”. Frequently, the messages do parallel what I am pondering, curious about, or dealing with for myself.  The text is the message from the angels, and the video contains a bit more.  May you find guidance, answers or some other benefit for your life <3