Asking about the energy of the coming Equinox/Full Moon…

The Angels Say

We see you and feel you.  Yes, a great shift is coming, and you are well prepared.

These shifts that happen throughout the ascension process indeed will repeat, but only for those who are in a different state of awareness.  Those of you who are awake and aware will move through this coming ‘portal’ and embody the new frequencies.  Those still sleeping, or denying themselves, will have another chance.

Will it be a repeat or simply another opportunity?

Another opportunity.  When that time comes, those who are awake will move through it, and those who have done this before will have yet a higher frequency experience of it.

Have no fear of these changes.  You will feel them long before you see their manifestation in your outer world.  Everything is changing.  Money, politics, love, work – all of it.  Yet these changes are a change in attitude and energy.  Store clerks are still needed.  Beauticians, road pavers, ditch diggers, CEOs, bank tellers, cooks, and servers will all be needed.  The change comes in how one views such positions and work.  Judgement fades as each person is honored for their skills and contributions to society.  Pay will be livable wages – and not due solely to government mandate – but because each person is valued for their skills and contributions.  You are moving into an era where the unseen becomes valued.  The felt sense is quickly being recognized and regarded as important.  You are on the front lines of this shift.  Be confident in that inner knowing of self such that you demonstrate the New Earth Y


We know it seems you’ve had a rough go of it the last several weeks, and we want to assure you that all is well and turns out in your favor.  Whether you’ve been aware of it or not, you have been cleaning house.  The spaces you are clearing out are vital to your overall flow of energy.  It matters not what you are cleaning out – it only matters that you are.  Letting go of old beliefs or patterns and cleaning out a closet and rearranging a den or living room have the same power in shifting your energy.  However you go about it, you are refreshing your energy.  This helps you receive the higher frequencies with less disruption as you have created room within yourself for them.

Remember to be gentle and kind with yourself and others.  For some of you it has been rough lately, for others it has been smooth sailing.  You each have your own Path, Destiny, and Divine Timings.  There is no space for envy or jealousy now.  The focus of your energy feeds your experiences.  Envy and jealousy feed your sense of lack.  Turn that focus on to what is working for you, what you do have, and move into a space of appreciation.  Allow others their path without your interference.  Disallow others interfering with your path.

Things are changing quickly – Earth, people, magnetic fields, technology, all of it.  Nothing is left untouched in this shift.  Focus on your path and your well-being.  Yes, include your children in that even if they are grown.  Your prayers for your children are powerful and have a mighty impact.

Allow yourself to refresh, reset, and clear out for you are preparing – and are well prepared for – the coming shift.

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