Coffee with the Angels 12.28.17

Soul Perspective & Creator’s

Soul perspective is often very close to the perspective of Creator, The All That Is.   However, since the soul is out and about having experiences and collecting information, it can experience false beliefs, which change perspective.  Creator hold, has and IS ALL Truth.  Creator’s perspective is incorruptible.

Imagine always having that reliable truth as your own point of reference for life, for everything.

Soul perspective is Divine.  Angel and Guides, Teachers and Ancestor Spirits are all Divine.  We encourage you to make clear differentiation between Divine and Creator.  They are not the same.  Everyone and everything is part of Creator and has access to Creator as a “home base”, it is always a safe space full of love and truth.  Yet everyone and everything has free will and the ability to make choices that are their own – with no dictation.  One can request dictation and guidance – Creator will provide it.  It may be direct from Creator to you, it may come through an intermediary such as Angels, Guides, People or Animals.  It is wise to check the information you receive, your messengers are happy for you to verify information, this builds trust.

Clear discernment is vital when receiving messages and checking them.  There are many, many beings in existence.  Being clear about whom you are communicating can be the difference between good information and bad information and the choices made upon that information.  If you are seeking resolution or assistance with making a choice or decision, you want to be sure you are getting good information.

Soul perspective will always show soul truth, however it may or may not be congruent with Creator’s truth.

Optimal clarity is achieved when ego, high-self, soul and Creator’s perspectives are congruent.