From Coffee with the Angels II

👩 I read an article yesterday and it got me thinking about “spiritual hooligan” and “spiritual renegade”. I am wondering about the role this plays in creating one’s Sacred Life.

💫🕊✨ To create and live your Sacred Life, you will become a renegade in many ways. Another way to put it is “eclectic spirituality” that creates your Divine flow. The more you align with your soul and figure out what actions to take in the physical world, you will find that you are unlikely to fully fit in anywhere. Not only have you thought and created outside someone else’s box, you have dis-created the box altogether. No one doctrine, thought process, way of living or being can fully encompass you. You learn the freedom of being your Sacred Self, and evolution is the name of the game.
You are searching for the right words so you are clear.

👩 [The angels say this as I am indeed wondering if the words “renegade” and “hooligan” are accurate after looking up the definitions in the dictionary.]

💫🕊✨ Renegade is accurate in some ways, as you will turn your allegiance away from your old, limiting ways and beliefs. You will take what works and leave the rest. Do not get caught up in the concept of renegade equaling betrayal. In this context, you betray nothing and no one according to Divine Truth. Yet some people may believe you are betraying – yourself – them – God. Let them have their beliefs and walk your path in the Truth of Creator – however that looks for you.

💫🕊✨ Update your understanding of loyalty. Who and what are you being loyal to? Why? Do you have Creator’s perspective on what loyalty really is? We tell you – humanity has it twisted all around. Being loyal to your path and guidance from Divine is never a betrayal to others, though it may seem so momentarily from the human perspective. Zoom out, as we have said before, and look at the situation from the soul’s perspective. Look at it from Creator’s perspective. Being loyal to your Sacred Self and your connection with Creator first ultimately benefits everyone.

💫🕊✨ Hooligan is another word, and the word the author of the article you read used. It is also accurate in some ways as you will disrupt many systems. Be aware of your own motivations and intentions. Pure Intent and Purity of Heart are very important to be operating from. Center in your connection with Creator, align with your soul, set pure intentions with purity of heart and the way forward opens up wide and clear.

💫🕊✨ You incarnated to live your own life and have your own experiences. Yes, often you will be of great benefit to others at the same time. Do not get caught up in serving others before serving your soul’s mission. When you do so, it begins to feel heavy, dense, and often you will end up feeling resentful. These are indications that you shifted your loyalty away from your path and onto someone else. Correct this, realign with your Sacred Self, and all involved will be better for it.

💫🕊✨ Your Sacred Life is only created by you. Your soul has goals to achieve, and yes, you have conscious choice. It is perfectly fine for your ego to have desires as well. Simply harmonize the ego, soul, and high-self in alignment with Creator.

💫🕊✨ Yes, there are times you will appear the renegade and hooligan. This is because you are in a time of great change. Embrace it and live your Sacred Life.

Katie’s Reflections…

Here’s the link for this entry’s inspiration.

He updated the post, after I read it and wrote this entry, sharing an interaction at the end about “hooligan”, which also addresses my very findings in looking up the definition, and I feel he explains it quite well. A reader points out that “hooligan” is defined as a violent young troublemaker typically of a gang. This was also my concern. Matthew explains clearly that the use of “hooligan” is a metaphor, a play on words. Many of us are indeed disruptive, and without violence. We disrupt violence, hatred, criticalness, and old paradigms with kindness, peace, non-judgement, acceptance, and more by practicing our values.

Renegade is defined as “a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles”. This appears at face value to be a “bad” thing. I believe the angels offer a fine explanation around both these words. We are simply changing our personal ways of being through aligning with higher vibrational frequencies and perspective. It is disruptive, and it is changing allegiance.

From a space of stark duality, this may look “bad”. From a space beyond duality, this looks like perfect Divine Order. These are my opinions and perspective at the moment course.

Personally, I’ve lived most of my life revolving around others. That really changed in 2018. Considering others and living your life around them are very different. When I was busy living my life around others, there was no time to take care of myself, and frankly, those I care for didn’t get the best of me either.

So. Renegade, yes. 💥

Hooligan, yes. 💥

I have been quite disruptive to the ingrained patterns in my own life and in the lives of those who were in those patterns with me. My loyalty is first and foremost to my Sacred Self and Creator now. I am finding that as I get better at living from this space, I also get to show up for those I love and care for with more kindness, grace, and consideration. I assure you, they don’t always see it that way because I am disrupting deeply ingrained patterns that had been “comfortable” for a very long time. They are getting a better version of me now, and I aim to continue improving on that as well, with as much true kindness and consideration as I can. This process seems to be ever-evolving.

By no means do I do any of this perfectly. I have days where I annoy my kids. There are times when it seems like my husband has no idea what to do with me or how to respond. I have days where I want to run off somewhere wild and be in solitude for a bit. This hasn’t been an easy journey to get here now, but it damn sure has been worth it.