Coffee with the Angels 12.30.17

She thinks she doesn’t have time – and in a way she doesn’t.  Yet time is all we have and plenty.  It is only an illusion yet a law.  It is the never enough bit that is a problem.  That is a Universal Law, one outside of time and space that belief triggers – the Law of Attraction and the Law of Magnetism.

Always trying keeps you busy.  It also “proves” your willingness to do the work.  Yet you have ended up learning a lot but not the outcome you desired.  Better than your desires yet you still want and feel need which leads these ventures to feel like failures.  You got all you needed from them and they have cleared the path to where you are now.

“Doing nothing” is exactly right at this moment.  Yet – be aware of all that is going on.  You are laying the groundwork, the solid foundation upon which you will build your work.  Your work is humanistic and spiritual – people do need you.  Your clients and students have not all awoken yet.  You are early in the process.  They will wake, you will have plenty of work and income, and it will support you all your life. 

The resistance and tension in your body is fear, uncertainty and mostly old programming.

Conflict of dependence/independence old beliefs of being subject to oppression and control, yet fear not having control.

Fearing the flow because it is out of your control and when you’ve lost or just didn’t have control of your body you were hurt and/or traumatized.  Look for those roots and heal them.  You will find then the flow is easier and your way clearer.  You’ll learn how to direct the flow and current by influence instead of control.  You’ll steer by desire instead of fear. 

Influence and Desire – these are your keys.