Coffee with the Angels  01.25.18


The Art of Expression

The Angels Say:

Creative expression is a necessary part of human life.  It feeds and fuels the soul and helps you understand what you know.  You also discover new perspectives of what you know, think and believe.  It is expansive.

To be in a state of expansion, creative expression is required.  This is achieved in many ways.  You all know the arts, music, painting, drawing, theater.  The world of creative expression is vast and deep.  Telling a child bedtime stories you create. Playing make-believe with kids or in an improv class or other roll playing ways.  Building homes, landscaping, even research is creative. 

Many of you have had your creativity shut down.  Being undervalued and over criticized, you’ve struggled with your expression precisely because you’ve struggled to express yourself.  Free yourself now.  Pick up a guitar, a ukulele, play a keyboard or piano.  Write. Draw. Paint. Build. Beautify. Garden.  Do something. See what calls to you.  You may surprise yourself.

Every time you decide to explore your creativity, you choose expansion.  This is about you and no one else.  It is your choice to keep your creative ventures private or share them.  We recommend that if there is fear or lack of confidence to keep them private and only share with those who excel in non-judgement.  Build your confidence and skill.

You are the caterpillar becoming the butterfly.  Be brave and courageous. 

Messages from the angels, shared with me over morning coffee. Sometimes I ask a specific question, often it is as simple as “What are we writing today?”. Frequently, the messages do parallel what I am pondering, curious about, or dealing with for myself.  The text is the message from the angels, and the video contains a bit more.  May you find guidance, answers or some other benefit for your life <3