Coffee with the Angels 12.27.17

The “Event”

After listening to Allison Coe yesterday, I feel that my time is coming, and is inevitable.  The work I am doing and the timing is positioning me perfectly for the “event”.  Is this what is happening?

Yes, this is exactly what is happening – this is the Divine Order perfect for you.  Keep a steady pace and stay at it and you will be perfectly positioned to help others when they need you.  Keep following your gut, do what you are inspired to do even if you later change everything.  It is all part of your perfect process, learning, getting clarity.

The “event” isn’t just a one time thing.  It actually is an influx of waves.  For some it will be difficult, for others barely notable.  The gammas Allison speaks of will come in at once and make a big shift, but that is just one of the waves.  You’ve been receiving the “event” energy for many years now.  Human consciousness is simply reaching a vibration where it must either stretch or contract – and even a contraction would be different from what it was before as dimensions have been added and you cannot truly return to life before that.  Many who have completed their work will have choice to stay or leave.  Many may not be able to cope well as they are rigid in their beliefs and simply refuse to accept the new energies.  Many will leave by choice, many will leave by dissonance.  It will simply be unbearable for them.  This includes public figures and politicians.  The “status quo” will change rapidly and many in all arenas will struggle for a bit to regain their footing.  Stay out of fear – again we say stay out of fear – it is unnecessary and false.  There is no need to doubt your Divine Timing or your Divine Birthrights – both will be made even more clear and your path forward smooth and better supported – but you must stay out of fear – it will only slow you and confuse you.  No matter what happens, trust Divine Order, yourself and us, your Divine Team of Angels, Teachers, Guides and Helpers.

This “event” does cause world-wide changes, the very ones you have been seeking.  Your mission is to help relieve shock from living as sensitive humans and bring into the world more clarity, Creator’s perspective for individuals – and share your own journey story.  All is in perfect order.