🌊 The Tide Is Turning II 🌊

April 12, 2019

I feel like yesterday’s entry is incomplete. The tide is turning, I get that. What we once had to dig for simply rises now. I feel like I’m missing something. It feels like how things once were done, and worked, don’t work anymore. Or maybe that’s just me. What has appeared to work well for others rarely, if ever, worked for me. It’s like I discover these awesome things as they’re coming to a close. Like the 80’s music. It was 1989 when I was introduced to some of my favorite bands…and it was only a couple of years before grunge took over the airwaves. Well, not that I used airwaves much. I am so thankful for recordings! The point is, I seem to realize this really cool thing as it’s winding down. What’s up with that?

🕊✨ Those were things that could have taken over had you come in much sooner. Meaning, you would have gotten the worst parts instead of the best parts. You bypassed the outrageous, and often dangerous, aspects of the 80’s music scene. Yet, you still get to enjoy the music as you like. This concept is a theme of your life – and your Sacred Self set it up. “Have fun and enjoy…but I’m keeping you out of the worst parts that will hinder us.”

I do feel and know that I have always been well protected. For a long time I felt like I missed out on something big. Now I feel like I didn’t miss a thing. All that feels so shallow now, not cool and fun.

🕊✨ That was the biggest misunderstanding of the time. What appeared to be “cool and fun” was really fueled by deep pain for many. Not all of course, but many.
There were also many making their own way along the shift from a dense 3D to beginning to open the 5D energy. You can see this in several musicians through the course of their work. They have followed their soul’s path, even when caught up in the social antics of the 3D world. Their souls knew what they were doing and what time they were in. Yours is very different, yet your soul knows the same.
When we said the tide is turning, we meant that the old ways and energies are changing over to new, lighter ways and energies. This is why willingness to change is so vital. You have all you need to do whatever it is you choose. You are the only one that can stop you. So, get clear and honest with yourself. How are you stopping yourself? Why?

Thank you. I realized that I had given up the joy of writing. I made it a job. I stifled flow so as to be focused on what others might need to hear, via my own curiosities. I quit being really open for myself. That changed today, and I intend to be open and curious. I intend for my personal practice to be a priority.

🕊✨ Indeed, you did squeeze yourself out of our meetings. Be kind and gentle with yourself and have no worry or fear about what has been shared publicly. There is always value in it. It is all part of your growth and expansion. Remember that is one of the points in Conversations with God. You are learning, growing, and evolving – through experience. It is only trial and error from the human perspective. To your Sacred Self it is just experience and experimentation.


🕊✨ Yes. Your soul knows what it is doing, what it wants to accomplish. It will do whatever needs done to notify your human aspects to move in that direction. This is why alignment is so important for your human self. The more aligned your human self is with your Sacred Self, the easier it is. Alignment allows a smoother flow of evolution. Greater alignment = less suffering.
This is what we mean by the tide is turning in your favor. You are coming into greater alignment, even when the outside world is telling you “you can’t do it that way.”
Now you are on the front end of things, creating the new way of being instead of coming in on the tail end of someone else’s creation. You learned a lot from others and now you forge your own path.

I remember my mom talking about not being able to learn from other people’s mistakes, yet also saying we can. Seems like she had some understanding of the Both/And concept.

🕊✨ She did in some ways – this being one of them. Many of you learned what you don’t want by observing others and being part of that experience. So you did learn from their “mistakes”, yet you also learned through your own. Now perspective is changing and what you once viewed as a mistake is seen as a great learning experience. You can see now how it assisted you along your journey. Hence, it has never been seen as a mistake by your Sacred Self. You can see the Divine Order of your experiences.

Yes. The saying is “hindsight is 20/20.”

🕊✨ That is quite true. It is all part of your evolution and soul’s direction. You’ve heard of the concept: The Universe Whispers First. If you don’t hear it, it speaks louder. If you still don’t hear it, it shouts. If you still don’t hear it, it gives you a knock. It keeps going until you do get it. This works in many ways. One of those ways is that nothing seems to be working for you. When you really receive that message, you shift and do something differently. Each time you do, you move toward your Sacred Path – the call of your soul.
Again, this is part of the turning tide. It is happening both collectively and individually. Resistance to this shift, attachment to what you’ve been taught “should be”, only causes suffering. Again we say practice Clarity, Presence, Integrity, and Truth for these help you align with Sacred Self. It helps you not only be in, but Create your Sacred Flow.
Feel your way through, and align the intellectual with the intuitive. You are coming into higher dimensional ways of being, which is exponential ways of being. The linear may not work as it once did. Trust Yourself. Trust Divine Guidance, even when it seems weird. In time it will make sense. 💖

Thank you. I feel the tide turning, and now it is feeling light and free.

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