The tide is turning, and in your favor.  A favorable shift for all of humanity, especially those who can and will accept change gracefully.  Where once you were digging out deep seated patterns and beliefs you may find they surface and dissipate much as bubbles rise in water.  Remain aware and willing to dig into the shadows of self for avoiding self may come easily. 

Thank you.  This validates the idea of letting the cosmic energies help us “spin off” what has been rising to the surface to release.

Yes, and also the point of cautioning you.  Allow all the wonderful assistance to aid you.  However, you are still a very active participant.  Relying on cosmic energies, Earth energies, Ancestors, Angels, or any other being to do the work for you will not be effective.  You must be an active participant.

You must be willing to unclench your fist and release the pebbles that have been digging into your hands.  You must be willing to recognize truth and make the shifts necessary to bring you into alignment and integrity.  Now is a time it is vital to be in integrity.  Are you really doing what you claim you are?  Are you really desiring what you claim to desire?  Expand your awareness and observe.  That is all you need do.  No criticalness or harsh judgement will serve you in this.  Observe and simply make adjustments to close any gaps between your claims and your truth.

Now is a time of exponential change.  Nothing is being taken away from you yet space is being created for your next level of advancement. 

  1.   Practice clarity, presence, integrity, and truth.

It will help you be in your flow.  Resistance will only serve to generate suffering.  If you are suffering, locate the resistance.  See #1 to alleviate your suffering.

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