Coffee with the Angels 01.10.18

What can you tell me about friendship?

Friends are like family, sometimes closer and safer.  Few friends, many acquaintances is not only ok, but a good thing for many.  The more empathetic and sensitive one is, the more true this is.

Friendship is evolving away from what was once considered friendship, but was really more acquaintance.  For highly sensitive people and empaths, true friendship is most important.  Trustworthy, safe space, non-judgement, and lovingly calling BS – those are cornerstones of highly sensitive friendship.  It’s less about doing and more about being.  When you are sick, anyone can bring you soup and help you be more comfortable physically.  When you go through a rough time emotionally or spiritually, it is your friends – that inner circle who can – and will – walk through with you holding those cornerstones strong.

Real friendship has a distinct feel.  It feels safe.  It feels stable.  It can also trigger you old wounds about safety, security and close relationships.  Friends won’t judge you – they may get triggered too – but they won’t judge you.  Together you can walk through the mess and heal.

As the ascension progresses, it is important to make and have friends who can and will grow with you.  At times, just like guides and angels, friends will change out.  Your “old” friends remain friends often though, you are simply traveling different roads for a while.  Pick up where you left off, share the journeys you’ve had and enjoy reuniting.

Friendship is no fickle thing.  It is being accepted for who you are completely.  It is accepting others for who they are completely and choosing to spend time with them and share your deepest, most vulnerable self.