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Three 90-minute sessions for $320 – a $100 savings when you book three sessions.  How it works:  in the first 30 minutes of your sessions, we will discuss what is going on currently, what you would like to see different, and explore the idea of “if I had it all my way…this is what it would look and feel like”.  Once we have a clear view of what you want, we dive into the energy to make the deep subconscious shifts and changes that support your path forward.

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What Do You Choose? ~ Today’s Angel Message


The Angels Say:
What do you choose?  Are you choosing to allow others such great influence that you are losing control of your own creations?  Follow your intuition – YES.  Also know that you are in the driver’s seat.  You choose what you want, and we support you in that.  We support you on all levels, in all facets of your being.

Many challenges and conflicts arise as you choose alignment.  Aligning and integrating yourself into a congruent frequency involves facing the illusion with eyes wide open, which can be shocking for you.  You seek truth and wisdom – you are receiving it clearly.

                *Yeah, it’s more than I bargained for!*

Only to a few perspectives of yourself.   Your grander, more full Sacred Self has quite a different view.  The human brain requires time to adjust to the new information and frequencies, Sacred Self does not.  Your physical bodies are receiving evolutionary information at a very fast pace and responding from within the bounds of time.  Be kind and gentle with yourself and pay attention to what your body is asking for.  Rest, good food, water, sunshine, a walk, a swim, a campfire, all these and more are helpful to the body and mind to integrate the energies that are flowing so quickly.  Honor yourself and your process.

Sacred Self recognizes and cares for your physicality more than you’ve recognized.  While Sacred Self has no fear of losing its physicality, it recognizes that other aspects of you do.  You may be getting lessons in detachment, and if you are, remember to center and connect with Sacred Self.  Have a discussion with the many facets of self  and ask what each needs and wants.  As you do, you come into greater alignment and your path forward can smooth a bit.