💁‍♀️ Ok, so, this whole leap of faith thing – I think I need to redefine what that means. As I think of it, a leap of faith looks like making a choice to take an action that has dire consequences if the path were to not form under my feet. It seems that what I’ve thought a leap of faith to be is really just making stupid choices – like renting a space that I don’t know if I can really afford. Actually, many of my previous ventures feel the same way – I invested a lot of time and money into ventures that didn’t go anywhere. What gives?

💫🕊 Many aspects are active at any given time. In your previous ventures, you operated from a space of lack, self-doubt, and fear. The only thing that could have come from that is lessons, which you did learn, and what you would call failed attempts. You were unable at that time to truly hear your soul’s call and Divine Guidance. You were operating from pure programming, which is why you felt so much pressure.A true leap of faith is going forward according to Divine Guidance and your inner knowing without needing the comfort and safety of absolutely knowing the outcome. Musicians do this all the time. They create a piece of music without having the experience of that piece being well received by their fans.

💁‍♀️ So what then of intention and the inner knowing that all will be well? For instance, the musician has the inner knowing that this piece of music is a great hit, and then it is. They know already.

💫🕊 That is still a leap of faith. Until you have the actual experience in your reality, there are innumerable variables that could materialize. The underlying motivation is important. What is the underlying motivation behind your actions? To truly and fully know your motivation, you must get very honest and truthful with yourself. You need to go very deep and see what your most honest and truthful motivations are. The same is true for intent. What appears to be your motivations and intentions may not be your deepest truth. Be gentle with yourself and move through the layers.It is said that the best way to predict your future or outcomes, is to create it. Truly you are creating it all, whether you see or accept it or not. The underlying motivations and intentions greatly influence the outcome as do all the beliefs and programmes associated. Remember, you are a complex being with many aspects, facets, and layers. Do not confuse this to be “complicated”, for you are complex yet that complexity can be simple. When your motivations and intentions are in alignment with your Sacred Self, your outcomes are better even when “negative” beliefs and programmes are an active influence. When your motivations and intentions are out of alignment with Sacred Self it appears to you that “nothing works out”. In truth, you are simply being guided back to Sacred Self.

A true leap of faith is taking action with clear motivation and intent, to the best of your knowing in that moment, and trusting that all is well even if the outcome is different than what you “expect”. Trust that it is part of your evolution and that you are Divinely supported. When you do this, you open the space for more clarity and you learn along the way. You meet the right person, at the right time for your evolution, and theirs as well. You are taking leaps of faith all the time, it only appears to be a “leap of faith” when it scares you. Relax into your intuition and Divine Guidance, continue going deeper in being honest and truthful with yourself. It gets better.

From Coffee with the Angels II

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