What Really Matters

The Angels Say:

In a world full of distractions, misguidance and misinformation, it is ever more important to choose what is important to you, what really matters.  In that, seek truth.  Always seek truth, in yourself, in others, in situations, circumstances, everything.  When you seek truth in something that really matters to you, you get what’s real.  There are no illusions or deceit.

As you awaken more, ascend and reach higher frequencies, your soul and the mission, lessons, contributions of the soul become more focused and important.  You are learning to allow your soul to matter more than the social conventions, expectations, etc.  That is a very large part of this and every incarnation – soul growth, mission, learning and teaching.  This time you have the advantage of being more aware in your day to day life.  You have tools and abilities you are free to use to assist you and enjoy your humanity at the same time.

Again we say “seek the truth”.  The highest truth.  Decide what matters to you.  Listen to your soul – care for it, feed it, allow it freedom to be expressed and to work its magic.  That’s what it is here for after all.

Coffee with the Angels is a writing exercise of messages from the angels, shared with me over morning coffee. Sometimes I ask a specific question, often it is as simple as “What are we writing today?”. Frequently, the messages do parallel what I am pondering, curious about, or dealing with for myself.  The text is the message from the angels, and the video contains a bit more.  May you find guidance, answers or some other benefit for your life <3