Coffee with the Angels 01.07.18

The fear of being alone is greater than the fear of being hurt.

Fear is a powerful force, causing much suffering.  Many are caught in fear and don’t know it.  They feel justified in their actions and behaviour having no idea it is fear that drives them.

Softly, gently, the fear must release.  Earth has no place for it now.

To release the fear, it must first be acknowledged.  Once the fear is identified then the mind can decide if it is valid.  Often fear is invalid, illogical.  Acknowledging it and examining it is key to releasing.  Often fear cannot simply be pulled out for it serves a purpose, an ancient survival technique.  It made sense then but no longer does.

When we examine fear from a higher perspective – anywhere beyond the physical 3rd dimension, it becomes fruitless.  You can see that being alone will not kill you, for today’s world and society are very different.  Being alone today is not really being alone, as it once was when people were exiled.  It means your people will change, they don’t go away.  Even when it really feels like you are alone, you are not.   Go to a restaurant where servers wait tables.  Choose a time when they are a bit quiet.  Watch how the servers interact with you and others.  Be kind and smile – tip well.  In some places you can sit at the counter and chat with the staff and others.

You are not alone.  There are always people who love and value you.  The trick is to be able to see, recognize and experience it.  In order to allow others in, you must be able to give it to yourself.  Value you.  Love you.  Your Sacred Self is in there, no matter how broken and battered the shell.  You are here and needed, loved and worth the time, the energy and healing.  You have to give yourself a little space to believe and experience it within.