Coffee with the Angels  12.20.17

Being in alignment means being in line with your soul, yourself, your soul’s desires and purpose.

In doing so, you automatically come into alignment with Creator.

Your unique soul expression is the greatest expression of Creator you can bring into this human life.  For it is your soul that is part of Creator, a spark of Creator.  Your soul came forth and used the existing building blocks Creator provided to make your body and all that is your physicality.  Your soul truly is a great Co-Creator, not so much your human conscious thinking mind.  Get that thinking mind in alignment with your soul and clearly hearing your soul and there is nothing but your purest co-creation.

You and your soul are one.  Fragmented as it may appear, you are in this human existence.  I assure you, you have all of yourself.  Yes you give energy and that appears to leave your but you still are all of you, who you are.  You are Whole.