💁‍♀️ I feel quite good this morning, and am grateful. Thank you for your guidance, love, and support. I feel an openness ahead and it feels good. Is this part of the timeline shift? I’ve been hearing about timelines sealing, that we need to choose and take action. Yet…that feels a bit “off”. It’s been presented as a hard and fast perspective – time’s almost up, make your choice and take action. It really feels more gentle than that to me.

💫🕊💫 It is more gentle than some recognize. It is more important to remember that each individual has their own experiences. When you listen to what others share, it is good to take what resonates with you and let the rest be. This is so even with us. We, like others, offer a perspective to help you navigate your life and time, yet it is not the one and only way, perspective or truth. There are more truths than people on Earth. Being tuned in and aware of what is true for *you* makes all the difference for you. Many of you are gaining discernment in finer and finer ways. You are beginning to be able to hear something that is presented a bit harshly and know what parts of that are true for you. Likewise, information may be presented gently yet you know there is some urgency for you. Should you ever find yourself desiring more clarity – ask for it. Take a moment and be in the stillness and ask. Then listen for the response – you will get one. If you are still unsure, ask a different question. As paradoxical as it seems, it is true that no answer is an answer. The no-answer is an invitation to commune more deeply with self and Divine. Accept the invitation to be more self-aware and connected with your Divine Team. Impatience and demanding attitudes will not serve you well here. Should you find yourself feeling or being impatient, demanding, or feeling slighted, it is a good idea to get really clear and honest with yourself. We cannot give you accurate clarity to move forward with different timelines when you are unclear about or with yourself.

Yes, timelines are shifting and closing.

❣️🌟 Remember that it is your soul making the decisions, not your ego-personality. 🌟 ❣️

Your soul has been laying the groundwork and moving you forward. There is no door to slam shut on you at any time. You cannot miss a timing meant for you. Awareness in the shift, opening, and closing of stargates and portals is helpful for your personal assessment and making adjustments. Let go of fear and concern that you might make a “wrong” choice – you won’t, and you cannot miss an opportunity like this either. This is part of the reason it is so important to be aligned with and trust Sacred Self. Let Sacred Self guide your way. Ask for adjustment and clarity as you like and the journey will be easier.

Katie’s Reflection:

I’ve seen two videos now about timelines closing and that we must make a choice. I’ve not been able to complete either video. I got the feeling from one of the videos that it’s like any of us can make a conscious choice and slide under the door – or else we’re stuck where we are for another decade. Well, if my soul is making the decisions here, and I’m taking action according to Divine Guidance – then it’s all good. No need to worry or be concerned.

Don’t let the ego-personality drown out Sacred Self’s guidance here. If you’re looking around your life, going “oh shit”…check in with Sacred Self and your Divine Team. The changes and choices may not be evident in your manifested everyday reality yet, however they may be well underway in the vibrational fields.

Whenever you are listening to information – from anywhere – take what resonates with you and leave the rest. There will be truth, but that does not make it Ultimate Truth. Discern what is true for you and let your own Inner Being, your Sacred Self, and Divine Team show you the way forward as is best for *you*.

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