About Coffee with the Angels

Coffee with the Angels is a collection of bits of Angelic Wisdom shared to help us along the path of healing and evolving. Most days, I get up, get my coffee, get comfy and go into meditation and begin writing.  Sometimes it’s short, sometimes a pages-long dialogue.  I ask questions, sometimes outright, sometimes they’re answering before I can even write my own thought down.

The topics are usually centered around my own inner work and curiosities, yet are universal at the same time.  We talk about many things:  Emapths & Empathy, Chakras, Feelings & Beliefs, Consciousness, Evolution & Ascension, Self Awareness, Living from Sacred Self (soul) and much more.  These writings have an overall pattern, or theme:  Be Your Sacred Self & Live Your Sacred Life.  This is what so many of us are striving for today.  Many of us are taking the advice of be the change you want to see in the world – and we’re being guided on the how to do just that.  Coffee with the Angels is one perspective of how we can shift out of the old stories and into our Sacred Truth, and live it every day.

I know I am not alone – and the angels have been very clear that these writings are meant to be shared so others can benefit too.  While the messages are pertinent to me in the moment, there is timelessness to them as well.  As I go back and read through earlier messages, I still get more out of them.  Hence, the angels have been clear that these writings are to become a book series.  The messages are universal and timeless, and I hope you find as much benefit in them as I have.

Something I love so much about writing Coffee with the Angels is that no matter what is going on in my life or in the world, I know there is Divine Guidance available to see me – and you – through.  Whether what we’re going through is amazingly awesome or really challenging, the angels, Source/Creator, and our Divine Teams are always there to help us…

all we need do is tune in and listen.

Coffee with the Angels

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About Katie


  Hi!  I’m Katie Kieffer, author of Coffee with the Angels, and a certified practitioner of the ThetaHealing® technique.   I’m passionate about understanding myself and others as multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings in this human  experience. The idea of living from the soul, what I call Sacred Self, and living life as called to, inspires me.  I believe this is a major evolutionary time in human history, and we are in the midst of letting go of many old ways while creating new ones.

This evolutionary journey involves becoming aware of the various aspects of self we each have within.  Some need healing, some need expression, some need some tender loving care, some simply need to be heard and misunderstandings cleared up.  Each facet of our being has a perspective of experience, desires to fulfill, and a valid place in the wholeness of our being.

Sometimes this journey looks like a sweet summer stroll along a shoreline, and feels like the perfect gentle breeze flowing through life.  Sometimes this looks like a rollercoaster track with steep inclines and sharp drops, hard turns and moments of being flipped upside down.  It has become apparent to me that for each and every challenge, I will learn something of great value, and I get to grow, mature, and evolve.  For each and every smooth moment, I get to experience the other side of those challenging moments of growth and evolution.

As I have moved along this path, the overall tone of my life has shifted from a perpetual feeling of self-doubt and unimportance to a general sense of well-being, balance, harmony and joy.

Find Your Balance & Harmony. Take Care Of Your Vibration. Shift Your Frequency.

Living from the heart is something so many are striving for today.  Living from the heart is also living a soul-led life.  Heartspace is the seat of the soul, where heaven and earth meet within each of us.  Feelings are the dominant energy of the heart, and as many say, the language of the soul. 

When you have clarity of feelings, you send out clear and focused signals to the Universe.  That is where many of end up having an issue, usually unconsciously.  I sure did.  Understanding the highest perspective of what a particular feeling actually feels like is like turning on the light switch.  The energy of feelings is vital to well-being, clarity, and sending the Universe clear, congruent signals.

 Be You

Let go of the old stories. Embrace your truth.

Most of us have spent our lives running and living the stories we were told about ourselves.  Have you stopped and asked, “Is this really who I am?”  “Does this feel accurate for me?”  If so, then congratulations!  You’ve taken a huge step forward toward aligning with your Sacred Self – your Soul.  Still…when the answer is “No, this is not me, and this does not feel accurate!” you’re left wondering how to move out of the old stories and into inner truth.  Here is a way to do just that.

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